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Solomon Learning is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise, a purpose-driven organization.

We work with people, ideas and organizations that transcend the way people learn and teach

Solomon Learning focuses on introducing proven education models, curriculums and technology globally to Asia, particularly to Hong Kong and China to improve education and learning. It aspires to complement the education ecosystem in Hong Kong and China. It works with an extensive network of experts who not only help identify new areas, but also aim at supporting the larger educational ecosystem.

Our Values

We believe in a new approach to operate that delivers a dual effect - positive social change for communities combined with sustainable returns for stakeholders.

We believe in the power of people

We believe in first WHO then HOW. We have a talented team and our network is vast and together possess a unique ability to simplify complexity.

We believe in connections

By creating long-term partnerships, building long-term collaboration and generating long-term sustainable value we create a true legacy for our partners. Our partnerships create better returns and better societies improving the standard of living for all.

We believe in commitment

Our dedication focuses in selected areas as they are solving the real-world problems and bringing value to people’s everyday lives

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Our Expertise

Our diverse and talented team is well-equipped to help organizations overcome challenge and make a meaningful and lasting impact.

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Team Optimization

Strategic Alignment

Raising Capital

Operational Improvement

Strategic Relationships

Regulatory Insights